Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Sharpener Knife Sharpener, Multicolored

Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Sharpener Knife Sharpener, Multicolored Review Australia 2022

Ceramic knife sharpener uses water sharpening technology that restores knives to their original working condition. There are three types of ceramic wheels: coarse, medium and fine. This allows you to sharpen any type of knife. This knife sharpener can be used with GLOBAL knives but will also work with any other knife.

While you are sharpening, the water concept is in effect. Before you begin grinding, you fill your water container with liquid. As you file your knives, water cleans them and cools them down during the sharpening process. Your knife will look as good as new if you run it through the sharpener seven to eight times.

The GLOBAL knife sharpener is a hand-held model that features a grip handle. So your hand doesn’t get tired holding the sharpener, the handle has a rubber-like insert. This feature prevents the sharpener from sliding off and causing injury.

Although this ceramic water sharpener is more expensive, it is still very effective.

What we like

  • Superior water sharpening that cleans simultaneously.
  • Safe and comfortable grip.

What we don't like

  • Use with GLOBAL knives
  • On the expensive side