Weber iGrill 2 Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Weber iGrill 2 Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer Review Australia 2022

This is a great little bbq thermometer! Being able to monitor up to 4 temperatures simultaneously is definitely a huge advantage over other devices. It makes grilling so much more enjoyable. Weber products offer the added convenience of quality products with excellent service and support. You can use the unit immediately with two probes. The free Weber app is also available on iTunes and Google Play.

The iGrill2 can also be used to set the temperature. It has a temperature range of -22 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The iGrill2’s wireless range of 150ft allows you to easily navigate around your house or pool and still monitor your temperature. So grab a beer, relax and enjoy watching the footy.

The product is simple to use and has a nice, sophisticated design. The autoshutdown feature will prolong the life of your batteries and the possibility to use up to four probes is a big selling point.

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