Weber Q Series

Weber Q Series Review Australia 2022

The Weber Q Series features two options:

  • Option 1: Weber Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG
  • Option 2: Weber Q Premium – $439 for titanium LPG, $449 for black LPG, $469 for titanium NG, $479 for black NG

The Weber Q Premium is similar to the Baby Q Premium. It produces more heat per hour than the 8500 BTU, but at a lower output (12,000 BTU/hour). The Weber Q options also have swing-out work surfaces in thermoset material so that you have more space while on the grill.

The Weber Q as well as the Premium version are available in either natural or LP gas. Each comes with one stainless-steel burner. This model is slightly larger than the Baby Q series and therefore heavier to transport.

Primarily, the Weber Q is different from its premium counterpart. The premium model comes with a thermometer, while the original does not. The premium model also includes an electric igniter.

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