How to Cook a Steak to Blue on a Grill in 2022

Alan Ainsworth

Alan Ainsworth

BBQ master and all-round top bloke.

Last updated July 26, 2022

At AmericanBBQAustralia, we love steaks. We’ve put together an article that gives you the tips, tricks, and tools you need to cook the perfect blue steak on the grill. Whether you’re working with a gas or charcoal grill, we’ll show you how to consistently cook your steaks to blue without overdoing them.

Are you salivating? Are you ready to cook a blue steak? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Allow your steak to reach room temperature in about 15-20 minutes if it hasn’t.
  2. While this is happening, heat your grill. You want it to be soaring hot. Use the burners at full power or charcoal with all of the vents open.
  3. For extra char, you can brush olive oil over the steak. At this point, you can add seasoning.
  4. When the grill is hot enough to handle the steak, place it on the grate. Keep the lid on.
  5. Let the steak rest for no longer than one minute before turning it over to the other side. Move the steak to the other side of the grate after flipping it.
  6. Take a minute to turn the steak on the second side. Then, use tongs to grip the steak and start searing the sides. To ensure that the steak touches the grate, you will need to “roll” it around.
  7. Turn off the heat. A instant-read meat thermometer should be inserted into the steak. It should read between 48 and 46 degrees celcius. Carryover cooking can make the steak rarer if it’s above 48 degrees C.
  8. Serve immediately and enjoy!

A blue steak can be rested, but that’s not the point. The resting of a steak allows liquids that have been contracted to redistribute in high temperatures to be squeezed. The interior of a blue steak is not hot enough to cause this problem.