What is blue rare steak? in 2022

Alan Ainsworth

Alan Ainsworth

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Last updated July 26, 2022

Blue rare steak is a popular steak that is known for the rich flavour and tenderness. A lot of people like to order the blue rare steak with the aim of making their meat juicy and tender. This steak has a unique colour and the rare shade makes this steak even more appealing. Having a good chef that can prepare this steak properly is a good idea.

What is Blue Steak?

Also called “Blue Rare” or ” blue, is a first stage of the steak doneness chart. The steak’s exterior is seared but only for a very short time so that the interior stays cool and raw.

Is Blue Steak safe to eat?

Although eating steak this raw might not be for the faint of heart, if it is cooked properly, it is completely safe.

Searing is essential while preparing blue steak since it eradicates microorganisms from the outside of the meat. Exposure to high temperatures on the surface is all that is required because the germs cannot potentially be present inside the steak.

The sides of the steak must also be seared in addition to the top and bottom. It’s a good practice to use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the meat to ensure it has reached the ideal safe temp.

When steaks are cooked to higher degrees of doneness, the sides are heated long enough to eliminate germs without coming into close contact with the grate. However, a blue steak is only on the cooking surface for a very brief time, so make sure to fry the sides as well.

Why is it called Blue Steak?

It is difficult to reach a consensus. It could be because the meat is initially dark purple, but it changes quickly to red once exposed to oxygen. They believe the purple color is due to residual deoxygenated blood within the muscle.

This idea is not something I like. For one, there’s no blood in your steak. Myoglobin is a pigmented liquid. This is what leaks from your juicy steak if you don’t allow your steak to rest after cooking. This is why I don’t believe this terminology works.

Yes, oxygen-deprived meats can make myoglobin into deoxymyoglobin. Deoxymyoglobin can also be purple-red. However, this is a rare steak color. Steak tends to turn red quickly. The second is that purple-red does not mean blue. Next!

Another theory is that oils created by searing steaks have a bluish sheen. Some believe it is because blue represents cold or cool, which should be the interior of a steak.

Finally, it is derived from French cooking term au Bleu, which refers to a method of cooking fresh-killed or still-live fish in a bouillon made of water, vinegar and seasonings. This cooking method is used to make trout bluish.