How to cook a blue steak in 2022

Alan Ainsworth

Alan Ainsworth

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Last updated July 26, 2022

Asking How to cook a blue rare steak? is like asking “How many Football fields big is the earth?”, It is a piece of cake! But never mind, let’s consider the recipe to make a steak blue rare. The idea is simple, you want to cook a steak and you want it to be blue at the center. The idea is to cook the outside of the steak as fast as possible. We will not go into the details of how to cook a steak, instead we will delve into why a steak is cooked and how a certain amount of heat will cook a steak

What temperature to cook a blue steak to?

For blue steak, an internal temperature between 46 and 48°C is ideal. It is essentially raw when at temperatures below 46°C.
Once the internal temperature gets up over 48/50°C, it is no longer considered “blue” and is no in the “Rare” territory. Use a good BBQ thermometer to ensure your steak is at the right temp.

How does blue steak taste?

The seared exterior is your first contact point. This will taste exactly like you would expect, with heavy umami from the charring.

Everything changes once your teeth reach the surface. Uncooked meat will feel cool, but it shouldn’t be cold.

There will be a variation in the flavor depending on which cut you choose. It should be tender and flavorful, but not as complex as a steak that has been cooked for a longer time.

The Pittsburgh steak, also known as “black-and blue,” is a variation on blue steak. This cooking method uses a lot butter to quickly char or heat the steak’s outside on the grill. You want to quickly grill the outside, but keep the inside as raw as possible.

Cooking a blue steak, in summary

So whilst blue steak isn’t for everyone, it is still quite a common style of steak and is enjoyed all around the world. If you are keen on giving it a go, check out our article on how to cook a blue steak on a grill.