Coleman Hyper Flame Fyre Cadet Stove

The final product is slightly different as it’s more of an oven than a grill. There are two burners to heat pots and frying pans. It has removable burners and is built on an aluminum cooking stovetop. This makes it easy to clean. WindBlock technology is included to protect your food from the elements. To […]

Grillz Portable Gas BBQ Grill

The Grillz portable BBQ option features a modern design and stainless steel construction. It also has a double-layer lid. Retractable steel legs allow for stability and portability. It has two main burners that evenly distribute heat. The lid has a thermometer, which allows for easy monitoring. The gas grill has a handle and lockdown latch […]

Gasmate Voyager Portable BBQ

This Gasmate product weighs in at less than 8 Kg. The burners are made of stainless steel and have a high heat output. The legs can be folded seamlessly to make it more efficient. Cast iron plates and grills with stain enamel offer large cooking surfaces for plenty of grill space. Different options are available […]

Char Broil X200 Grill2go with Tru InfraredQ

The Char Broil Portable Grill2GoX200 Gas Grill is ideal for grilling on-the-go. This gas BBQ features a die-cast aluminium construction and a TRUE-infrared cooking method. It is therefore designed to prevent flare-ups. The lid also features a temperature gauge and push-button ignition. The grill is sturdy and portable, has durable handles and can be set […]


This grill is heavy-duty and high quality from Weber. This grill is ideal for camping, picnics, and home use. Cast iron grills are rust-resistant with a stainless steel frame. It has a push-button design that eliminates the need to use a lighter or match. Easy cleaning is possible because the drip tray can be removed. […]

Weston Original Jerky Gun Jr

This is the smaller, less expensive version of the Weston Original Jerky Gun. Although the body and parts are made entirely of plastic, it still comes with a variety of tube cleaners and nozzle attachments. This gun is ideal for casual jerky-makers.

Weber Family Q Series

Within the Family Q series, there are three options: Option 1: Weber Family Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG Option 2: Weber Family Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG Option 3: Weber Family Q – LPG, NG The family series includes a wider range of barbecues. Each […]

Weston Original Jerky Gun

Review coming soon! Stainless steel attachments A durable aluminum tube can hold up to 700g of ground beef Easy to use trigger Dishwasher safe for components of jerky guns Includes jerky seasoning

Nesco BJX-5 Jumbo Jerky Works Kit

Review coming soon! Stainless-steel trigger and ratchet bar Clear meat chamber can hold up to 500g of ground beef. Includes 3 attachments Includes 5 jerky spices as well as 5 cure packets

DALSTRONG Paring Knife – Gladiator Series Paring Knife – German HC Steel

The Dalstrong Paring Knife is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. It also features stunning design elements and premium materials. Paring knives can be used for precise cutting, plucking, and peeling. This cutting blade is made from high-carbon German steel, which has a full tang. It also features a polished edge that’s 18 degrees […]

Swiss Army Brands 48042 Paring Set Knife, 3-Piece

Victorinox’s Paring Knives can be used for many kitchen tasks including peeling, coring, and slicing. They are more susceptible to dulling than chef’s knives, but they are also cheaper and easier to find. The 3-piece set comes with a paring knife, a straight knife and a serrated tomato blade.

GLOBAL GSF-15 Peeling Paring Knife 8cm GSF15 Made in Japan

Ideal for peeling, cutting fruits and small delicate prep work in the kitchen, this Global GSF-15 8cm Forged Knife is a must have for any home cook or professional chef. The GS15 Paring Knife is somewhat smaller than average, but still very capable. The edge is 15 degrees, probably the most useful angle for most […]

Weston Realtree Edge 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer & Cuber/Tenderizer

meat slicer

The Weston Slicer, a manual powered hand-powered slicer, will cut perfectly straight strips of meat. It is ideal for making jerky. This benchtop unit is perfect for those who find hand-chopping tedious and want to improve their jerky making skills. Simply cut the meat into small pieces, then place them in the top of your […]

Tramontina Australia 12 Inch Stainless Steel Brisket Meat Slicer

It is a good idea to use a long-bladed knife when slicing meat. This is particularly important when you are slicing beef to make beef jelly. A long knife will ensure that your cuts are straight and even in thickness. The Tramontina knife’s 12 inch blade makes it ideal for cutting large topsides and slow-cooked […]

YOUSUNLONG Damascus 7-inch Meat Cleaver

best meat cleaver

Damascus Steel is the material used to make this multi-purpose meat cleaver. The handle is made from polished rosewood. One piece of die-casting molding is found underneath the rosewood. This 7-inch blade is very sharp and makes it an excellent choice for cutting meats and vegetables. This blade is not sharp enough to cut through […]

Weber Q Series

The Weber Q Series features two options: Option 1: Weber Q – titanium LPG, black LPG, titanium NG, black NG Option 2: Weber Q Premium – $439 for titanium LPG, $449 for black LPG, $469 for titanium NG, $479 for black NG The Weber Q Premium is similar to the Baby Q Premium. It produces […]

Weber Baby Q Series

weber bbq

Within the Baby Q series, there are two models: Option 1: Baby Q – titanium, black Option 2: Baby Q Premium – titanium, black or red The Baby Q models are a great option for those who want to take their baby with them on camping trips. The Baby Q Premium measures 39cm x69cm and […]

Meat Tenderizer, 48 Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Needle Blade Tenderizer

This meat tenderizer’s 48 stainless steel blades can pierce through tough meat, creating dozens of tiny holes each press. These incisions cut through every inch of hard tissue and allow the meat to absorb the marinade. This is ideal for making beef jelly. This reduces the cooking time. This meat tenderizer is made of stainless […]

ROSENICE Meat Tenderizer Tool 48 Ultra Sharp Needle

ROSENICE’s meat tenderizer can be used to quickly and effectively soften any meat piece using its 48 stainless-steel blades. The tenderizer works by breaking down connective tissue in the meat. This allows for the meat to be softened, reduced in cooking time and provides a multitude of channels through which a marinade can seep into […]

ZYLISS Meat Tenderizer

ZYLISS’ meat tenderizer is great for breaking down tough meat fibres. This meat tenderizer cuts through meat with 30 angles. It is unlike other comparable products. It allows the meat to absorb more marinade, and retains more of the delicious liquids that soften it and flavour it. This meat tenderizer is suitable for all meat […]

Checkered Chef Meat Tenderiser

Double-sided meat mallet from Checkered Chef is ideal for tenderizing and thinning any type of meat. The flat side can be used to pound the meat into a thin filet. The other side, which is texturized, is for tenderizing thick cuts of steak or other meat. This handy tool is ideal for any kitchen. The […]

BOQUN Meat Tenderizer Stainless Steel Loose Meat Hammer

The BOQUN stainless-steel meat tenderizer is constructed from one seamless piece. It has two sides that can be used for all meat-tenderizing needs. For tenderizing and breaking down meat fibres, the textured side includes 24 rivets. You can quickly flatten your meat by using the smooth side. This product can tenderize meat, giving it a […]

Todo 200W Electric Food Slicer Meat Slicer

meat slicer

The Todo meat cutter is similar to the Healthy Choice unit. It’s a benchtop meat slicer. These units are likely to have all been made by the same manufacturer and were rebranded. It has all the features that you would expect from a meat slicer. High quality Aluminium Housing. Large Stainless Steel Blade. Powerful 200W […]

Global G12 G-12 Japanese Meat Chopper Cleaver Knife

best meat cleaver

This stainless steel meat cleaver is made of tempered stainless. Tempering steel is used to reduce brittleness and make it more durable. First, the steel must be heated to a very high temperature for several hours. Then it should cool to room temperature. A properly tempered steel will have good resistance to corrosion and toughness. […]

CARVER MARVEL Kitchen Knife Sharpener – Professional 3 Stage Kitchen Sharpener

knife sharpener

The three-stage handheld knife sharpener has three stages that ensure your knife remains sharp even after years of use. Stage one is a rough diamond surface that prepares your knives to be sharpened. The actual sharpening takes place in Stage 2. The third stage is a slot for ceramic stones that polishes knives to a […]

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener

electric knife sharpener

This chef’s knife sharpener can be used to sharpen any type of knife. This sharpener works with all types of knives including chef knives and butcher knives as well as sporting knives and serrated knives. The brand claims that this electric knife sharpener is “hairsplitting” because it uses three stages and a precision control for […]

Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Sharpener Knife Sharpener, Multicolored

knife sharpener

Ceramic knife sharpener uses water sharpening technology that restores knives to their original working condition. There are three types of ceramic wheels: coarse, medium and fine. This allows you to sharpen any type of knife. This knife sharpener can be used with GLOBAL knives but will also work with any other knife. While you are […]

Toplus Knife Sharpener – Professional Kitchen 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener

Toplus Knife Sharpener includes a three-stage sharpening process to make your knives as sharp and efficient as possible. For full restoration of their original function, the V-shaped metal points are ideal for dull blades. This knife sharpener is able to handle any kind of dull, damaged or burr-infested blade. The sharpening system polishes and grinds […]

SPEVORIX Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver

meat cleaver

The Spevorix stainless steel meat cutter weighs in at just over 2.5 pounds, making it the heaviest knife. It measures 7 inches in length and has a Rockwell hardness 54. This means it is very hard. The 100% stainless steel blade is both sharp and durable. This knife is heavy-weighted and can be used to […]

DALSTRONG Cleaver Butcher Knife The Ravenger

best meat cleaver

The Dalstrong Gladiator Series 9″ heavy-duty ‘Ravenger ‘cleaver is designed for serious chopping. This cleaver is capable of cutting everything from pork bones to salmon heads and even pounds of chicken. This meat cleaver weighs in at 1.3 pounds and is ideal for all kinds of tasks. This 8-inch, high-carbon German Steel blade is extremely […]

Sato Forged Heavy-Duty Meat Cleaver

meat cleaver

This Sato meat cleaver can cut through bones like a knife, as the name suggests. It weighs in at 1.6 pounds, making it a heavy knife. However, that is what gives you the strength to cut through bone. The handle and blade are equally balanced. This blade is also made from stainless steel, just like […]

Maverick Wireless BBQ ET-733 Black Dual Sensors Long Range

NEW MODEL AVAILABLE – MAVERICK XR-40 The most widely used meat thermometer! You’d have found a lot of information about the ET-733 if you did your research. For a long time, it has been the most preferred choice for BBQ teams and home chefs. Many people have reviewed it on BBQ forums, with many positive […]

Inkbird IBT-6X 6 Probe Digital Meat Thermometer

Excellent unit at an amazing price! You can take full control of your barbecue with 6 probes. The Bluetooth 50m/150ft range wirelessly connects to your smartphone. The unit is easy to use and can display temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. It also has a temperature range from 0300degC to 0572degF (continuous monitoring). You can monitor […]

Maverick iChef 2 Probe Meat Thermometer

NEW MODEL AVAILABLE – MAVERICK XR-40 You can grill with confidence knowing that you won’t overcook using one of the best bbq meat thermometers available! The iGrill device’s bluetooth thermometer is a smart addition. The app will notify you when your meat is ready so that you can relax and enjoy your time, rather than […]

Weber iGrill 2 Dual Probe Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

This is a great little bbq thermometer! Being able to monitor up to 4 temperatures simultaneously is definitely a huge advantage over other devices. It makes grilling so much more enjoyable. Weber products offer the added convenience of quality products with excellent service and support. You can use the unit immediately with two probes. The […]

Weber iGrill Mini Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Weber iGrill is a small gadget that allows for easy grilling. The unit is high quality, as you would expect from Weber. It also provides accurate temperature readings. The loud alarms make it easy to hear when your smoker or meat has reached the right temperature. The iGrill comes with presets that make it easy […]

Killer Hogs Barbecue The BBQ Rub

Made for: General purpose This BBQ rub was created by Killer Hogs, a professional BBQ team. This rub is a great way to highlight the meat’s flavour. It has a sweet, spicy, and savory kick. This rub is a combination of orange peel, garlic onion, chilli pepper and orange peel. It will give your meat […]

Plowboys BBQ Yardbird Rub

Made for: Chicken, Pork This 2009 American Royal Invitational winner rub can be used to create professional barbecue.

DEVANTI 6 Trays Food Dehydrator Commercial Fruit Dryer Beef Jerky Maker

beef jerky dehydrator

Number of trays: 6 Material: Food Grade Plastic Shape: Rectangle This horizontal flow dehydrator is made of stainless steel and features a clear view-through door that allows you to see your jerky drying. It is easier to let the heat escape and not have to open the door every time you want. It’s very similar […]

5 Trays Jerky Dehydrator Commercial

beef jerky dehydrator

Number of trays: 5 Material: Food Grade Plastic Shape: Vertical Rectangle This 5 pack of dehydrators is worth a try if you love the stackable design. Each tray can hold 1 kg and the digital temperature and time settings make drying easy. The plastic food-grade trays can be cleaned easily with the built-in handle and […]

10 Tray Stainless Steel Jerky Dehydrator with Stainless Steel Trays

beef jerky dehydrator

Number of trays: 10 Material: Stainless Steel Shape: Rectangle This stainless steel 10 tray jerky dehydrator is another great rectangular unit. This unit has a digital temperature and timer, as well as a stainless steel construction. These are all great features to consider when selecting a dehydrator. It is very easy to use the digital […]

DEVANTI 10 Trays Food Dehydrator Commercial Beef Jerky Maker

Number of trays: 10 Material: Food grade plastic Shape: Rectangle You are looking for an affordable way to make jerky? This unit is ideal for beginners who want to make homemade jerky. You can dry a lot of meat with 10 trays. The food-grade plastic trays make cleanup easy. Horizontal airflow allows you to lay […]

Excalibur 5 Tray 4548CDB Digital Display Food Dehydrator

beef jerky dehydrator

This is a great unit! First, the digital display will give you an accurate temperature reading which is crucial when drying food. The fancy unit comes with a clear door, so you don’t have to open it up every time you check. You get the added benefit of the 2 time/2 temperature control unit. This […]

Marysol Hot Sauce

MARYSOL HOT SAUCE COMPANY, SYDNEY This deep red blend of cayenne and habanero chillies is sure to please. Made in Sydney using Australian-grown chillies without any added sugar or preservatives. Ingredients: White wine vinegar, habanero chilli (60%), Seasonal Red Chilli (40%), Sea salt, spices Dietary Info: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy […]

Wizard’s Lingering Burn – Cajun Hot Sauce

THE CHILLI EFFECT This hot sauce is a Cajun-style habanero hot, and it’s made with fresh habanero peppers and birds eye chilies. Wizards Lingering burn, another multi-award winning hot sauce from The Chilli Effect is great with pizza, pasta and classic cheese toasty. This hot sauce is made from 14% Habanero & Bird’s eye. It […]

Sriracha Hot Sauce

HUY FONG FOODS You might be asking why this product is here. But it is a high-quality product that should be in every kitchen cabinet. It is not too hot, but it has a great balance of heat & flavour. It can be paired with almost anything, so its verstatility is why it is highly […]

Sting Like a Bee – Vindaloo Hot Sauce

THE CHILLI EFFECT Okay, if you thought that you knew the best hot sauce in Australia, think again. This delicious hot sauce will blow your socks off. This spicy hot sauce is inspired by Indian vindaloo and contains 27.5% Trinidad Scorpion, Habanero and Habanero. Sting Like a Bee is a multi-award winning recipe. It has […]

El Presidente’s Demise – Reaper Hot Sauce

THE CHILLI EFFECT This sauce is a hot one! It is Australia’s most popular sauce. This combination of 6% Carolina Reaper and 13% Habanero, 22% Birds Eye, and Chipotle powder makes it one of the most hot. It will make your taste buds tingle, but it also has a subtle sweetness from the lime and […]